If anyone out there is a horror fan and you haven’t  heard of Fewdio yet, then you live under a rock. Fewdio is made up of 7 filmmakers, all industry vets, who decided during the writer’s strike that they weren’t going to sit back and do nothing with all their free time. They decided to create short horror films that range from 2 minutes to 12 minutes long. Their first one, The Easter Bunny is Eating my Candy, was a huge success and captured the attention of many horror fanatics world wide.  They have been mentioned by G4, Tubefilter News, FearNet, and FireFox News and have also been given many awards at the  Daggers Short Film Festival. Even legendary director, Wes Craven chose one of Fewdios films, Breach, as one of his top 10 picks of “dark and scary to absurdly awesome” videos on the web during Halloween of 2008. You can check out all their films on YouTube and view some of their earlier films on their website www.fewdio.com. They actually just released their first DVD called Nightmare House vol. 1 which contains 13 shorts plus some bonuses and premiered it at Comic Con in San Diego. You can purchase the DVD on their website as well. Also, look out for Nightmare House vol. 2 and a future project with Fangoria Magazine. Some of my favorites are Anniversary, Cleansed, Bedfellows, Laundromat, and Five Minutes Earlier (some shameless self promotion is ok sometimes 😉 )Check out some of their stuff and you will immediately be an obsessed fan…I guarantee it.